New Mac Pro and iMac next Week

  Next week Apple could announce a new Mac Pro and iMac. They most likely won’t change in the design department but, they will change in the hardware department. 

  The iMac has had the most rumors lately. The iMac is supposed to launch next week. The iMac won’t change in design but instead we’ll see a stunning display. Apple is rumored to put a 4K display on the 21.5 iMac which would make it more affordable to consumers then the 5K iMac. For specs Apple would most likely stay with theintegrated Intel graphics.

  The Mac Pro just started getting rumors just last week. The Mac Pro is supposed to have a huge RAM upgrade. 128GB of RAM! With 128GB RAM, also expected a new processor and possibly a new graphics card. Don’t expect a redesign since Apple has only used this design for 2 years now.