Why I love Mac OS X El Capitan 

There’s a lot I reasons why I love Apple’s new Mac operating system, El Capitan. The two big reasons is profomance and metal.

   Let’s start with profomance. Proms de is a big thing for me since I use a Late 2014 Mac mini, which doesn’t have a SSD and the hard drive is pretty slow. With El Capitan it’s critical to have a operating system that helps those machines with a slower HDD. After using the beta of El Capitan I’ve seen massive improvements with launching apps, start up and more! With having more profomance it allows me to get tasks done faster with out having to wait for an app to launch or wait for a colorful ball loading. 

    Second reason is Metal. Metal is a critical feature for me. Metal is “Metal provides the lowest-overhead access to the GPU, enabling you to maximize the graphics and compute potential of your apps on iOS and OS X. With a streamlined API, precompiled shaders, and support for efficient multi-threading, Metal can take your game or app to the next level of performance and capability.” Since I do many gameplays over at my gaming channel, I need speed! When I updated to El Capitan I saw a HUGE improvement to speed. Just with exporting videos and recording it’s was like I just upgrade my computer to a “high-end” iMac.  It’s truly amazing! 

  Those are the two big reasons that make me love El Capitan so much more than any other OS X versions.