App of the Week #8 Rules

Rules_ansicht_E5_a    I don’t even know what to say about Rules. It’s fund and hard. One of the weirdest mixes of games I’ve played in a while. It’s awesome on an Apple Watch and its also awesome on an iPhone too! I wish I could right more about this game but you can’t really. It basically explains it’s self. You just follow the rules and repeat and just hope you remember all the rules. Thats it.

Rules is only for iOS and Watch OS. That I know of its won’t be coming to the Google play store because, it’s an iOS and Watch OS only for now. Rules does come at a price but it’s totally worth it! Rules is $2.99 and it is family sharing compatible. Should you get this. Totally! What are you waiting on?????


Can’t see the video? Click Here!