Why Apple News is Getting Big

         By now you may have already installed iOS9 on your supported devices. When you installed iOS9 you got a new app. This is called Apple News. Apple News is a way to receive your news/articles with out ads (In a different way of receiving ads) and in a much cleaner and simpler look. 

    The reason why I’m writing this is because nobody just looks at the app and forget about it. Most people see this app and are wondering why they have this app. So they enter the app and see a “Welcome” screen. At this point most kids would exit out of the app because it’s “news.” But pretty much everyone else goes through the welcome screen and then they get to look up websites. For an example: I look up “Video Games” I would then get some websites that talk about video games. At this point you start to look up many more thing like tech, android, Apple, cooking, and much more websites to read from.

   The reason why I think this is going to be big. Is because I’ll say it “I hate reading articles online.” Why? Will like most sites you have a pop-up of an ad and you either have to wait 10 seconds or just try to find the small “X” logo. I would say a lot of people would say the same thing too! I read Apple News every morning. Not even  a few months ago I would not even think about reading articles online. Now I do. I totally do regret not reading online but, now since I updated to iOS9 I’ll able to read all the news I wanted to in a cleaner look and ad-free. That’s why I think it’s going to be big. Do you agree with me? Let me know over at Twitter.

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