The Battery That Won’t Die!

kodiak-plus-powerbank-black-flatclosed-570x570    The Kodiak Plus power bank from OutDoor Tech is a portable battery that won’t die! This power bank is everything you ever wanted from a portable battery.

Kodiak Plus is meant to be took anywhere. Wither it’s Camping, biking, or even on the beach! The Kodiak Plus is IPX7 waterproof and even shock proof! Having a slim design allows anyone to fit Kodiak Plus in their a backpack, purse, and even your pocket! Which means its super safe and easy to take it anywhere with you.

This portable power bank features, 2 USB ports for charging two of your devices at once! One of the USB ports outputs 1 amp while the other USB port outputs 2.4 amps. There is a micro USB cable that does come with the Kodiak Plus, which is meant to be used to charge the Kodiak.

Kodiak Plus is a super power bank. Kodiak is so powerful it can charge an iPhone 4 times, an iPad once, a Galaxy 3 times, and a Go Pro…… 8 times! This puppy packs 10,000 mAh which is pure bear power!

Since having the Kodiak Plus for a little over a week now, I have only had to charge this once! I tried to kill my phone battery so I would have to charge my phone back up but, the Kodiak just kept having power left for many more uses! I tried to find everything that needed charge. I finally found an extra battery pack and a speaker to charge. After charging those for a little over an hour it still had 3 out of the 4 lights to go! Which that was charging my phone, speaker, and another battery pack. I needed to kill this thing to see how long it lasts……. While I charged an iPhone 6 Plus from 10% to 100% and that still did not kill it! At this point it had 2 out of the 4 lights to go. I finally gave up. I knew the Kodiak Plus just had too much power.

You would never believe this, I actually found myself charging my phone with the Kodiak Plus. Which is crazy! I would have never thought of charging my phone on a portable charger.  BUYNOW

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