Verizon Changes it’s Logo too!



Another big company changed their logo too! What company changed their logo too? Oh, that’s right Google did too! Why are companies changing their logos? Is it because of me? I changed my logo and now they are.

Instead of Google reason to change their logo, Verizon is changing their logo for a different reason. Verizon reason for chaining their logo is to ” understanding of who Verizon is and where we are going.” That is Verizon’s big reason for changing their logo. In Verizon’s Article they don’t exactly tell us every change. Verizon only tells us wha the “Check mark” means and why they chose to go the simple route.

For now we’ll just have to wait like Google and see what come up and if Verizon changed their logo for the good. Now let’s see when AT&T and all of their other competitors change their logos too!

Existing logo:


New Logo: