New Apple TV Could Be Under $200 

    There’s been a bunch of rumors from numerous sites saying the Apple TV is going to be $x amount. People are fusing because the Apple TV is going to be under $200 but, it won’t be $69 like the current model is. The reason why Apple Made the Apple TV $69 is. because, it’s 3 years old and the $69 price tag is to introduced more people to the Apple TV, and make it where it’s more affordable to most people wanting to buy one. The under $200 price tag really isn’t bad if you ask me.

   It’s still cheaper then a off-contract iPhone and iPad. (Yes, all the iPod’s expect the shuffle) The Apple TV being that price is not bad. Yes, it’s more expensive then most of its conpetors out there. It may be expensive but lots could come out of the Apple TV. Who knows, the Apple TV could become a cheaper console, or whatever Apple wants to do with it.

   If you ask me, if Apple adds a App Store to the Apple Tv to let users play games and chose the apps they want on their Apple TV, then I think the under $200 price tag is just right! Even if Apple does a bundle like, 1 free iTunes movie with a purchase of an Apple TV, Bundles like that could really get the 4th generation Apple TV selling like “hot cakes!”