Best External Hard Drive Ever!



Seagate Plus Slim Portable Drive for Mac = Best hard drive ever! I’ve sued the SPSPD for around 1 year now and its been a charm! It’s as thin as a iPhone 5/s and this hard drive fits right in to your pockets. The drive uses USB 3.0, which is super fast for transferring files from one place to another! This hard drive is thin, quite and fast!

   There’s 3 models to chose from:

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.50.34 PM

    I have the 500GB one, and I used to use it for a time machine back-up but since I now have a 1TB hard drive, So I use this hard drive for extra storage. Transferring files is so fast, I ran Mac OS X El Capitan and it ran perfectly! I was actually impressed of how well it worked!

   I dropped this drive once and it fell about 3-4 feet on a hard wood floor and it left a dent. You would think it would stop working or not work at all. In fact nothing changed it still worked and did not even make a sound, like most hard drives do when you drop them. Thats what impressed me the most.

  This drive does work with Windows and Mac. I’m not sure if this drive works with Linux but, from what I know it should work just fine! I’ve tried this drive with USB 2.0 and it works really well too! With USB 1.x it did not work sadly. But most people how would be looking for a external hard drive should have USB 2.0.

  This drive works better with computers that have a USB 3.0 to get the maximum results out of this drive. Computer with USB 3.0 will do just fine too!

  Overall you can tell why this drive is the best external hard drive ever! The price, the size, and the speed all stack up for a great product!