Best Cheap Mouse Ever!



     I’ve been looking for a cheaper mouse to use on my older computers, I’ve looked and looked for a mouse that was wireless but did not use bluetooth to connect to a computer. Since the mouse was going to be used for a computer back from 2005, Bluetooth was in its much earlier stages and a Bluetooth 4.0 won’t work with Bluetooth 1.1. So the Challenge began. I first searched online for a cheap mouse and not a bunch of results posed up just rip off china mice. So that was off the list. Then I went to a few stores, and Target was the one with the mouse. Finally! The mouse was $10! They was a deal! The only color Target had was, Blue isn’t my favorite color but, if it works, then its good for me! After buying the mouse I soon found out that the mouse has different colors! But Blue was just fine for me. In the package, the mouse looked pretty small. I have an average size hands, and this mouse actually fit just fine! There wasn’t any thing to download just plug and use. Which for what I was using it for was great! I put in one AA battery and I’ve only had to put one new battery in the mouse and its been over 10 months now. If you ask me my Apple mouse lasts 2 months at most. Since using it for a little over 10 months now, I use it as my secondary mouse. It’s that good! I also use it for light gaming such as MMO games, and very such period of time for FPS games. Overall I use this mouse quite a bit and I don’t regret buying this mouse. You can buy the Logitech M317 here. The price of this mouse does go up and down. I’ve seen this mouse go as cheap as $8 dollars. If you can find this mouse for cheap make sure to be this sucker up because, it’s an amazing little mouse! I would like to say there are newer models of this model, but this is the mouse that I still use to this day!