App of the Week #1 Angry Birds 2


To start off AOTW (App of the Week) I would like to say; that I don’t use my iPhone for very much. Basically Social media and Entertainment ( As in YouTube and Netflix) So for me to chose an app is going to pretty hard. If you have any suggestions make sure to leave a comment down below, or contact me via Twitter. The app I’ve chosen for the very first AOTW is Angry birds 2. Who doesn’t like Angry Birds ? I sure don’t like them in real life but in a game; I’m up for that! This game shows off, what iPhone and metal can do together. The game looks amazing. At first I thought the game couldn’t look this great, but it really does look that great! Angry Birds 2 is FREE! But with in-app purchases. You can find the download for iOS and Android down below. To be honest I love FPS (First person shooter) games, and strategy type games I’ve never been a huge fun of until now. Angry Birds gives hours and hours of great fun! You can connect your Facebook to Angry Birds 2 and you can see all the scores your friends score on the level that you’re on. Which is awesome! You can show off to your friends/ family how good you are or how you need a bit of help scoring better. Anyways I give this game a 8 out of 10. For one reason its FREAKING AMAZING! You might ask why I didn’t give it an 10 out of 10, is for one reason. In-app purchases, This game can do so much more, with out in-app purchases.

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