My Thoughts on Beats1

I have to say Beats1 is really awesome in so many ways but, nothing perfect. I’ve been using Beats1 since day one and ever since it been amazing. I have only had one issue since and I will get to that in a minute.  I should start off with saying, pretty much every morning I listen to Beats1, and its a joy every time! I listen to music quite a bit actually, and Beats1 makes listening to music even better! My favorite time to listen to Beats1 is “Rocket Hour” which is hosted by the one and only Elton John. With that being said Elton plays new, old and just out right his favorite artists, which in my opinion he picks the best music! With many artist not just Elton John plays new songs that aren’t even on Apple Music just yet. So when you try to add the song, you can’t because it’s not on Apple Music just yet. Which that’s totally fine, but you should be able to at least add the song to a list; to which will make it schedule the song to your music when it releases on Apple Music. Because most of us won’t write down the song and the date to which it comes out on Apple Music and then add it to your music library. That’s the only issue I’ve had. Everything else has been a charm! More than half of the music that gets played I’ve never even heard before! The part I love the best is when the artist comes out and talks about their story, new songs, etc; then you get to listen to their song too! It almost seems like you’re talking to them, not just listening to them. Overall if you have not yet tried Beats1 or Apple Music you need too! It’s truly an amazing experience.