Magic Mouse 2 and New Wireless Butterfly Keyboard

magic_mouse_2_fcc wireless-keyboard-fcc-800x345

Sources: MacRumors

    Theres been rumors for a while that Apple will release a new keyboard and mouse that has the butterfly design and force touch. I guessing the reason why Apple hasn’t released a new keyboard and mouse is because they’ve been waiting for the technology to come out. What I mean by “technology to come out” is for better battery life and newer bluetooth. That’s at least what I think they’re doing.

    If Apple was planning on releasing a new keyboard it would likely be in colors. Not Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, etc. But Space Gray, Sliver, and Gold, to match the MacBook’s Colors and rumored colored MacBook Pro and Air. For Apple to make a colored keyboard would not surprise me, since around before 2000 Apple did make colored keyboards for the colored iMac’s. If Apple does or docent release a colored keyboard, They still have no reason not to release a wireless keyboard with the butterfly technology. Which would leave room for a much thinner and possibly lighter keyboard.

   With the Magic Mouse the only two be things Apple could add is force touch and improved battery life. Force touch would be ideally because with force touch would allow Apple to make the Magic mouse thinner, lighter, and have force touch all in one small product. With Apple going this route with force touch on the magic mouse would allow more customers to have force available to more customers. Improved battery life would be a big deal since technology has improved a lot since the original magic mouse was released.

   This is the best that I could provide at this time. When more news come up I will ensure you that I will have more information on this page.