My Thoughts of iOS 9 So Far


So I have downloaded iOS 9.0 (Public Beta 1) and so far the experience is pretty great actually. iOS 9 isn’t a huge update but it does have so great features to offer though. Like News, Wallet, New font, better UI, and tons more feature to offer.

When Apple introduced iOS 9, they also announced that iOS 9 is getting a new font, The new font name is San Francisco. I have found the new font to be a bit better to look at on screen, instead of Helvetica. I ask 6 people if they saw a difference, and 4 out of 6 people saw a minor difference. I think its actually looks pretty nice.

A long with iOS 9 Apple also announced “Low Power Mode.” So far I’ve not seen LPM (Low Power Mode) really work. Even when lowering brightness I still don’t see LPM in full effect just yet. Then again I have not got down to 20% yet, even when traveling I have not got down to 20%. But the battery life still is lowered at normal pace. It’s a really cool feature, I just wish it was a bit easier to get to.

The Wallet app. Apple did not change a ton in the Wallet app. All Apple really did was change the name from PassBook to Wallet. Which makes more sense to new users. Since I have a iphone 5s, it does not have NFC built it so I can use the wallet app in full effect. But I can still use the reward cards, like Target, Walgreens, and more!

The News app. The News app is kinda awesome. I don’t normally read magazines, or articles online; this has changed the way I read articles and magazines. its actually kinda cool to see that Apple is allowing anyone to publish their RSS feed right to the News app. Which I’ve done, and its a really easy process to do too!

Search bar is on the home page again. Which is strange that during Apple’s entire WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) they did not even show the search bar being on the home page. Which is kinda strange to me because, normally they would show something like that but they didn’t. it’s really not anything huge, bout I thought I would add this in because they brought back the search bar on the homepage without, even showing it. Plus it brings back the old iOS days.

That’s most of the features that I think you guys would like to know about. If you want to learn even more about iOS 9 head on over to this link (Click Here) to learn even more about iOS 9.