Apple Music


iOS 8.4 has been downloaded thousands of times. Every user that downloads to iOS 8.4 gets a new music app along with some bug fixes. The new music apps introduced “Apple Music.” Apple Music is a service like Spotify in a way, were you can listen to any song and add it to one of your many playlists that you can create, also able to “connect” with your favorite artists via Apple music. You basically get every song, album on iTunes at your finger tips. Which is amazing. Especially when you can make those songs offline so, if you’re going some where with out wifi or cellular data, you can still listen to your favorite songs with out needing wifi or using cellular data. But its not free. For one single person is $9.99 a month. Which is a price of a brand new album each month. Which is not bad at all. It gets even better! For $14.99 you get a family pack so if you have a family of 6 or below. But each user will be need to be on your family sharing already though. But if you don’t feel like buying Apple music right now you can try a 3-months for free! But you don’t get to pick songs and add them to “Your Music.” Everyone whether your paying for Apple music or not, gets to listen to Beats1 24/7 radio station.


Source: The Verge

      Everything is not so good at Apple though. Many people are having many problems with Apple music. Such as the first day Apple Music and Beat 1 was announced, there was already a problem. beats 1 was down for 30+ minutes. We still don’t know why either! We have also heard that Apple music is seriously messing up people iTunes libraries. Also Apple music is having huge problems not syncing to your iCloud. So if you wanting to check out Apple music go ahead. Unless you have a big library of music thats not on iTunes. If you are going to update. BACK UP YOUR ITUNES LIBARY! Thats the best thing you could do, until Apple fixes this problem.

There’s still many things Apple needs to fix about Apple music. Please feel free to share your transfer problem or success down in the comments.