Goodbye Spotify, Hello Apple Music!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.04.26 AM   I’ve been using Spotify for around 3 years now and its been a good 3 years too! The thing I have hated the most is if you are listing to Spotify on your iPhone you can’t pick the song you want too, instead its shuffle. Thats just eww. But with your iPad you are able to pick which ever song you want. That the only thing i’ve hated. The reason why I wanted to point this out is because with Apple Music you are able to pick which ever song you want either you pay for a plan or not. Which is so much smarter then what Spotify is doing. The Reason why Spotify may lose at least 35% of their users is going to be due to cheaper plans and the ability to listen to music and where, whether it be on Mac, iOS and android devices. Yes you heard me say android. iTunes radio is already a hit and with Apple music coming out in less then 10 days (at the time of this writing) and it being during summer. Is just going to be huge for Apple but not so huge for Spotify. What do you think ? Apple Music or Spotify ?

R.I.P. Spotify