Best Mac Game Ever!


As you can see from the picture above Tomb Raider 2013 is the best Mac game ever! The reason why I chose Tomb Raider for the best mac game ever is while I was playing Tomb Raider it makes you feel like you are Lara Croft and feels like when someone is lost you feel bad and for that person. Tomb Raider engages you into combat with some of the best controls for a game yet! This may be a surprise that I was able to play the whole entire game on medium settings at 720p on my Late 2014 2.6GHz Mac mini. Yep! Integrated graphics did the job just fine. Besides that point, during this 3rd-person shooter/ adventure game, it has the best story in a game yet! Its kinda hard to describe a game, because most games have pros and cons but, this game really only has pros. The only con I could possibly think of is the multiplayer should have a more of a create-your-own-character instead of just buying a DLC to play as someone or choosing one that is provided. I highly recommend that you go check out Tomb Raider for yourself and see how great of a game it is truly.