Watch OS 2 Features

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During WWDC 2015 Apple announced that watch OS 2 will be coming out this fall, and during that announcement Apple also told us a bit about the new features of watch OS 2. Down below will be a list of just some of the new features that Watch OS 2 will have.

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New faces-

-Time lapse: Choose from a selection of dazzling time-lapse videos shot over 24 hours in iconic locations around the world.

-Photo: Pick a special image from the Photos app on your watch and set it as your watch face. Because sometimes it’s nice to visit your favorite picture again and again.

-Photo Album: Every time you raise your wrist, a different image from your Favorites, or any photo album you select, will appear on your watch face.

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Time travel- You can turn the Digital Crown to see what’s happening,  and what’s already happened, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You can see what the weather will be like for your lunch date tomorrow. Check your schedule for later today. Or go back in time to catch up on news headlines you may have missed. A press of the Digital Crown gets you back to the current time.

Nightstand mode-  Place it on its side and connect the charger. Apple Watch will automatically go into Nightstand mode, a digital display that illuminates whenever you touch the screen, the Digital Crown, or the side button. Nightstand mode even changes how the watch buttons function.

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Siri does more-

With WatchOS 2, Siri is an even more versatile personal assistant. Now you can use your voice to do things like start a specific workout, check your Glances, get transit information, look up a word in the dictionary, and calculate a tip.

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Native apps- WatchOS 2 makes the experience of using Apple Watch apps more engaging. Apps load faster, do more, and employ hardware features that make Apple Watch unique. With WatchOS 2, many apps are native apps, which means they run entirely on your Apple Watch. So they load more quickly.

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