Mac OS X Mojave


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     With WWDC 2015 coming pretty soon, we are most likely going to see two new updated OS; iOS 9 and  Mac OS X 10.11 or 11.0. Theres been a debate whether to call it 10.11 or 11.0. But besides that, we are going to see a new update to Mac OS X. Every time Apple has released a new Mac OS X update/version, they have came up with many names. Such as  Loin, Leopard, Tiger, Yosemite and more. This year we believe Apple will go with the letter “M” this time again and call the OS something like Mojave. (Before we go on, I would like to point out that I have no idea how to even say “Mojave” until I used my iPhone to say it out loud for me.) Every time that there has been a new version to OS X there is always a new feature. So what does Mojave have in store for us ?

     Mojave could have quite a bit in store for us actually. From being a public beta tester of Yosemite, I would like to say that in those public tests, there have been some slow downs in the operating system; until very recently it has got much better. Form that being sad in Mojave we could see a HUGE improvement in stability. We could be great for older Mac users.

    We most likely we won’t see a “new” finder in Mac OS X. Why ? Well most likely because we really have everything we would ever want in finder expect a few things like better improvements on iCloud drive smaller things like that we could possibly see, but very unlikely. We most likely won’t see a new design this coming OS. That reason being said is because in the last two OS X’s we have seen major design changes and a more “flat-simple” look to the OS. So if you were looking for a new design that is going to be pretty unlikely to say the worst.

    If you have the new MacBook’s that feature the new force track pad then you may be in luck! Since Apple has announce their amazing force track pad, we could see more integration of the force trackpad in the new OS. Such as pressing down on the track pad on the desktop and it will open system preferences. Features like that could be very well integrated in to the new OS, most likely.

     “Hey, Siri” Yep! We could possibly see Siri in the next version of OS X. Reasons being told because pretty much every Apple device expect the “Mac” line has Siri integrated in to their systems. Also since Microsoft has integrated Cortana into Windows 10, there would be now reason why Apple would not want to compete and add Siri to OS X.

      Those are just some of the improvements and overall updates we could see in the new operating system. What would you like to see in the next version of Mac OS X ? Submit a comment down below to share what you thing should be added to Mac OS X.