Where to buy cheap Mac Games


I’ve started to buy more and more games for Mac OS X, whether it be for Powerpc or for intel macs. The reason why I buy Mac games is I have realized that Mac games have started to rise quite a bit. Halo: Combat Evolved for mac is around $50! For that price price I could buy a brand new game with 10 times better graphics then Halo: Combat Evolved. For that being said why are Mac games so expensive ? Well for reason and that is because it’s a mac game, And around 1990- 2006 no one really bought Mac games so there is not a bunch out there. And what is out there, theres only a big handful of games. Well and least of box copies that is. So where can you actually buy cheap Mac games at ?

Let’s first start off saying that box copies of any game is most likely going to be a bit more money. So if your looking for box copies expect to buy a good $10+. But with digital games there much cheaper because companies can afford to just give out codes instead of paying for a box, game, manual and more! That being said lets get start shall we ?

   For getting boxed copies of games:

   Theres two places i’ve found that sell cheap Mac games. Those two places are Amazon and eBay. Amazon and eBay both offer new and used products. So fair I have only had issues with eBay. Not with buying a product but with the miss used term of either being *Used* or being *New*. With Amazon I have never really had that problem yet. I would say stick with Amazon ( if you have Prime) but then again the eBay does have more *Free Shipping* products. I got back and forth form eBay and Amazon just because their prices are about the same.

For getting digital copies:

    From all my searches and Googling I have only found one place that offers Mac free games and some bigger titles. That place is Steam. I’ve found cheap games as cheap as a piece of gum! ( $0.45 ) That’s cheap ! They’re good games too! Not just the cheap games you would normally find. One game that is really cheap ( As of May 31, 2015 ) is Dead Bits its AMAZING! Great soundtrack and wonderful gameplay of the price! Steam is a wonderful place to get cheap digital mac games.