What we know about the iPhone 6s


We know quite a bit about the upcoming “iPhone 6s.” We know form the pervious iPhones that when apple adds the s next to the number of the phone, its has only been some small updates but not a new design. the previous iPhone that has had a s next to its number is the iPhone 5 which one year after announced the iPhone 5, Apple released the iPhone 5s which updated the camera, processor, graphics, etc. The previous s was the iPhone 4s which was HUGE! Apple introduced Siri which the iPhone 4 did not have but the design of the iPhone 4 stayed the same. Apple is pretty much know to do this with there product line of iPhones. So its very likely to see the same great iPhone 6/plus, but with some improvements. so here is some of the rumored features.


Camera Improvements 

    Apple has acquired LinX Imaging, a camera technology company specializing in cameras for mobile devices that are able to produce DSLR-quality images by using multi-aperture arrays. From this information we can pretty much say the iPhone 6s will have a better camera. From some of the rumors I have heard the iPhone 6s could have 2 lens, which would make the iPhone camera not just one of the best cameras on a smartphone yet but would have the ability to have DSLR quality photos/videos.

Sapphire Display 

    There have already been some rumors that say Apple will use sapphire displays produced by Foxconn for the iPhone 6s. No new sapphire deals have come to light, so it maybe somewhat unlikely we’ll see sapphire in the iPhone 6s.

Force Touch 

    As we have seen very recently with Apple, they have start to put Force touch into their devices. As the Apple Watch, and the MacBook Lines now have the Force Touch. From some o the rumors I have heard that the iPhone 6s and the iPad could have the Force Touch ability. Which would be great for the iPhone because, its would be great for integration into apps.