What iOS 9 Could Have To Store For Us

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iOS 9 may not have a lot to offer, But iOS 9 could have a lot to to fix and improve for us iOS users.

As we have seen from iOS 7 & 8 Apple has made it were older Apple devices could still use the current OS. As for iOS 9 it could be the same but better. Better ? Yeah better, with iOS 9 we have seen many rumors and hints/clues that could lead to older iOS devices being able to run the iOS 9. Not every old iOS device is going to be supported by iOS 9, like the iPad 1 and iPhones 4 and lower. Why not these devices ? Well for one main reason. These devices have not been supported since 2013 and below. So it very unlikely that we would see iOS 9 for much older devices. But its pretty likely that the iPad mini 1st generation and iPad 2 will still be supported by iOS 9 for one more time. The iPhone 4s could see a nice performance boost since with iOS 8, it made the iPhone 4s unusable at sometimes, with many glitches,lag and iPhone restarting due to freezing. So, if you’re a 4s user you may be glad to hear that iOS 9 could make your 4s more useable again.

With iOS 9 we could possibly see better graphic performance. With the iPhone 6/plus and iPad air 2 having better and improved graphics with the A8 and A8X chip, I would not be to surprise that Apple updates iOS 9 taking even more advantage of Apple’s current A8 & A8X chip making the graphics and frames per second (FPS) even better with iOS9. Which means we could see more powerful and better looking games for the iPhone and iPad.

Also with iOS 9 we could see many fixes with bugs and glitches in iOS 8. if you been using an iOS device since iOS 7 and 8 you may have noticed a few bugs and glitches. So in iOS 9 we could only hope for the best, and that Apple will fix most of the bugs and glitches that are in the serious versions of iOS. If you ask me, over the time of using iOS 8 I have noticed a new bug every time I update iOS 8 to a new version to fix some of the bug in iOS 8. After that being said we could see some improvements to the bugs and glitches we get in iOS 8.

That is what iOs 9 could have in store for us at this years WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) 2015. But remember this is just rumors and what we may know about iOS 9, so until then we will just have to wait.