Should you buy a Apple Watch ?


So Should you buy an Apple Watch? That will be the question I will try and answer you today.

Lets start off with the watch it’s self, There is many combinations you can do when you make you purchase. You can do the Apple Watch sport with a blue, black, white, etc. Apple Watch with the link bracelet and many more combinations. So for choosing which one you want is all up to you! If you may not know already, the Apple Watch has won many awards for fashion, design, etc. So choosing the watch you want can’t be to difficult.

Pricing the Apple watch can go to $349 all the way up to a whopping 17 grand! If you have the money and are able to get a 17,000 dollar watch then you may want to go the Apple Watch Edition which looks great and holds up well, and did I mention its real gold. If you are looking for a more “cheaper” watch then you may want to go with the Apple Watch. It has many to choose from and is not as expensive as the Apple Watch Edition. Plus with the Apple Watch it looks more like a standard watch. Now if you’re going for a much “cheaper” watch  then you may want to go with the Apple Watch Sport. The Apple Watch Sport comes with colorful bands of your choice and is wonderful if you’re in for exercise or sports.

Sizes, there are two sizes a 32mm and a 42mm. Now the 32mm is not for just women and the 42mm is not just for men. They are for both genders. So if you have a bit bigger wrist then you may want to go with the 42mm, but if you have a smaller wrist then you may want to think about getting the 32mm watch. For displays sizes, they’re both great. But the 32mm is a it smaller, but theres not a huge difference in size until you compare them side to side.

So, should you buy the Apple Watch ? It’s all up to you, if you would like to spend some extra money and buy a smart watch then go for it! Apple Watches are great devices but just remember that they are 1st generation so the next generation of Apple Watches is going to be better.

It’s up to you, what do you chose?