iPad Pro

ipad pro

The iPad pro… theres been of rumors a larger iPad for many years now a its just now starting to look like that it could possibly happen at this year’s WWDC 2015. So heres some of the features we “could” see with the new iPad pro.

-We know that the iPad pro will most likely feature a 12.9inch display which would make it the largest tablet that Apple has made yet, which may also mean that the iPad pro could compete with the newly 12in MacBook.

-The iPad pro could have a stylus. Apple has never really liked the idea of a stylus, so that means we “could” see a stylus with the new iPad pro but thats something that we will just have to wait to see what Apple will do with the iPad pro with a stylus.

-Force Touch technology could be in the new iPad pro since the new 12in Macbook/pro/air’s have the new force touch technology so we could possibly see force touch in the iPad pro.

-USB type C could be in the new iPad but the only problem with USB-C is that its a bigger connector and lighting is a much thinner connector, so if there was USB-C it would mean the iPad pro would have to be a bit thicker.

Those are some of the features that we could see in the new iPad pro. What are you looking forward too? leave a comment and let me know!