Apple Tv Remote with Touchpad ?


Its been about 3 years since the Apple Tv has had a update to its line, as rumored by New York Times we could see a new remote with the new Apple Tv. What could the new remote feature exactly ? Well it could feature a touchpad, like the trackpads Apple has on their current MacBook’s lines. Instead of that idea, we could see a touch screen interface with one home button and the rest of the remote would be touch screen. But, that idea really does not fit because Apple would have to put a rechargeable battery which would put more weight and bulk to the remote. Which as we know from Apple they like a thin profile  and as little weight as possible.

Thats not to say that we won’t see a touch screen on the remote. It more likely that Apple will feature a touchpad. But then again we don’t know much about this “new” Apple Tv, and it’s remote just yet. But want we do know is that there is going to be a new Apple Tv, with a remastered remote that could feature some new buttons or even a new touchpad. So until WWDC 2015 we won’t exactly know what Apple could announce, for now there just rumors.