How to play Windows games on your Mac


So being a Mac user for a little over 5 years or so, I have realized that theres some good games for Mac, but there is still a huge collection of games that is only for Windows. So its took me a while to find something that does not use Bootcamp. The reason not to use Bootcamp is you have to have a copy of Windows already. The other option is Parallels, with Parallels you don’t get a great gaming experience with Parallels. At that point I had two options Crossover, and Wine. Nobody really wants to pay for an app to use Windows.

The last option that is available is Wine. Wine allows your Mac to be able to use Windows applications. A few things that made me go right to this is because first it’s FREE! Plus its comes with a store which everything is free also. That store allows  you to download and install Windows applications, including Steam.

How can I pay windows games on my Mac though ? Well I have provided a link down below to download Wine, its very simple, just download the Windows game that you would like to, and open the game with Wine, once you have done that then your done, just click play!