What To Expect at WWDC 2015

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If you don’t know WWDC stands for (World Wide Developers Conference). Most of the time we see new products, or updates to existing products and updates to iOS and OS X . But here is some ideas and rumors that Apple could be announcing at WWDC15.

After looking at the picture for this year’s WWDC’s, I it says “The epicenter of change.” Now that can say a lot! But me and @Johncrutledge found that theres seems like a picture of the current generation of the Apple tv. So we may be like to see a new Apple tv. The Apple tv could see 4K support, but very unlikely, new services, and maybe just maybe an app store to buy, and download apps. Maybe a way to use your iPhone/iPad as a controller and play games on your phone ? These are some of the thing we could see.

If you also look closely on theres squares and circles. Hmmmm, circles for Mac OS X, squares for iOS ? they may be a good suggestion. Theres been many rumors saying that same thing. That being said, we will be most likely to see a some new updates to iOS 8 and some updates to Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite., or we could see a new OS X and new iOS. Theres been many rumors for iOS 9, but not as much as OS X though. Almost every WWDC theres a new OS X though, Don’t worry you will most likely see a new OS X. For iOS 9 we could see some improvements to how the Apple Watch connects to your iPhone and my possible some new things like,having two apps open at once, improved maps, more improvements to Metal and Swift. Things like that we could see and the obvious things like new wallpapers, new sounds etc.

For computer wise, we probably not see a update to any of the mac lines for now. Why ? Well, Because the Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and 5k iMac have seen an update in the last 8 months or earlier at this point in time. But we may see faster processors in the 21.5in iMac, But that is something we could debate about whether or not they will update it. For the Mac Pro they have not released a new Mac Pro since 2013 so it may start to see a update pretty soon. We could see a faster processor, better graphics, more storage possibly.

So that is what we “could” see at this year’s World Wide Developers Conference. What do you think they will be announcing ?