My Experience with the 12in MacBook 


       After I was done with my Apple Watch appointment, I decided to go over to the new 12in MacBooks.  I’ve got to tell you from far away the MacBooks looks like gold, space gray, and sliver MacBook Airs from far away. Besides that, the new MacBooks aren’t small really I fact I was totally fine with using that laptop with that screen size. That part did not brother me at all, even from going to a 23in display to a 12in display isn’t that bad. 

      The small and thin design lets Apple to put less ports and a slower processor. Everyone thought with having a Intel M Processor that it would be slow with OS X, I even thought that, but hey everyone is wrong once in a while. 


       I got to try a bit more challenging game on the 12 MacBook, and that game was Civilzation V which looked amazing and played very well with 3-5 applications already open. The graphics looked very good. But their was one problem. Not even after 5minutes the MacBook was already starting to heat up pretty fast, and was pretty hot to even touch. With the MacBook’s fanless design theirs no way to cool the MacBook down with-out closing down the app or shutting down the computer.

  But besides gaming it was a pleasure to edit videos in iMovie, browse the web, even type a small story with the MacBook’s new keyboard!

   So that was my experience with the new 12in MacBook as you can see it’s a very speedy machine but does have it down times too! If was to go on and write everything that was good and bad about the new 12in MacBook I there would be another 6-7 paragraphs. Overall though this machine is a great machine and if you get a chance to go to a Apple Store make sure to check out the new MacBooks. They’re great machines!