Mac CPU Temps Running High ? Heres How to Fix that



Most likely you are reading this post because you may have an older Mac or a newer Mac but just heats up pretty often. Most of the time its either the 2006+ White/Black MacBooks that heats up a bunch and also the MacBook Airs are famous for heating up pretty quick due to the slim design. So how do you fix this problem ?

How to fix Heating Problem

        One of the way that you can fix this problem is opening your Mac up and cleaning it out. Most of the time people don’t really feel right opening there Mac up because they are afraid that they may break or damage the computer, Or they may just not want anyone else opening their computer up and paying money. But still that just one of the ways.

        The second is to downloading “SMC Fan Control”this app allows you to control when your fans turn on and turn your fans speed up!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.56.47 PM

      So ever since I have been using this application for a little over a month now, and my CPU temps have not even gone higher then 110 degrees! Originally my CPU temps would reach 140 degrees or higher! This is the best why of making your CPU temps less, instead of taking your Mac apart and cleaning it out.


     If you have an older Mac about the 2010 and lower models it may be time to clean your Mac. This application does not clean the inside of course but it does keep the temps lowered then before. I do recommend cleaning your Mac if the temps still are not lowered much, or at least give it a clean so it lasts longer.