My Experience trying on the Apple Watch


So my experience trying on the Apple Watch was amazing! I got to try on two watches (I had a choice on more but chose not to try on more) and the process was one of Apple’s smoothest experience for me yet! The Apple Employees where nice and as soon as I walked in I was already in my appointment and already trying on my watch 5 minutes before my appointment was suppose to start, which was amazing!

The two watches I tried on were the sport with the black band which looks and feels so good on your arm and I also tried on the Apple Watch with the link bracelet. I was trying on the 42mm and the link bracelet did not fully fit me just yet and so the Apple employee actually should me how to take some of the links off and showed how easy it really is to take apart and resize for your needs!

So that was my experience trying on the apple watch. It was amazing! If you get a free chance go check out my blog post on how to make an appointment.