Is the iPad for you?


       What I would say is, the iPad is for someone who wants to have the power of a laptop but with out a physical keyboard or trackpad. Instead of using a trackpad and keyboard you you use your fingers. For someone who does not need desktop type programs. For someone in school, at work or for someone who enjoys  gaming on a touch screen. So is the iPad for you?  Well that’s up to you, the iPad features tons and tons of apps! The iPad is a very powerful but very thin and light tablet that fits in any backpack or bag and can be used for basically anything. I would say the iPad is for most people, but if you are wanting a more desktop environment then I recommend going for a light and thin laptop like the MacBook Air or the new super light and thin MacBook. The iPad is for most people, since everything is becoming touch screens instead of physical keys, and a cousor. 

            So hopefully that gives you an idea if the iPad is for you. If you thought that the iPad is for yu leave a comment down below saying “The iPad is for me!” Or if the iPad isn’t then say “The iPad isn’t for me!”