Adobe Shape for iOS

Adobe Shape is amazing! Why you may ask, well first it’s Adobe so it’s going to be awesome.  But besides that Adobe shape is an app that allows you to take a photo and makes it looks like you drew the photo that you just took. Oh did I mention that the Adobe shape for iOS is free ?

           HOW DOES IT WORK? 

Its a very simple app to operate Adobe shape just download the app then once te app is downloaded sign in with your Adobe account or create a new account. Once it’s created or signed in take a photo but, before you do there’s a bar at the bottom of the screen if you slide the bar the more you do the more it makes the photo green. The more you slide the bar is more it slided the more the photo should get green. The more green in the photo is the more details it will render. Once you have found the amount of green you would like to add to the photo using the sliding bar take the photo. Then after the photo is took it may take a few seconds for your iPhone to render the phot and create the photo. Once the photo has been rendered and created it’s now ready to be saved and shared!