Intel Graphics for Gaming ?


Gaming on a Integrated graphics cards ? No Way! Yeah you can totally game on a integrated graphics chipset.  I actually have a Gaming Channel which is edited and record right through Intel’s HD Graphics. Would I say that its a great idea to use HD graphics to only game then it might not be for you. I have an Intel iris graphics chipset and when I play Call Of Duty I get about 45-60 FPS on high setting on the lowest settings I get about  90+ FPS! That’s pretty good if you ask me!

So should you game on an Intel chip totally if you not a hardcore gamer then its for you but if you are gaming and do some other stuff then it’s just for you! So if you buy a computer with a n intel chipset then don’t be sad there great chipsets to game.

Hopefully this gave you a good understanding about the intel graphics chipsets and everything about them. So thanks for reading. Until next time, good bye.