What is Periscope ?


So what is Periscope ? It’s kinda like Meerkat it you have ever used Meerkat before. It hard how to put it in words of what Periscope really is, so I am going to try my best to explain it the best I can. So here it goes…. So Periscope is Meerkat but much better. How and why well because Periscope has tons of more users and does not lose connection as much as Meerkat does. I does a great why of finding people and you are able to chat with other Twitter users very super easily. The easiest way of explaining what Periscope is just think of it being Twitch but using twitter and not just gaming and music, and also not hour long streams.

I have been using Periscope for more then a day now and for some use of using it, it is kinda awesome! Because there is so much content out their to watch. Its is so easy to find new broadcasters out there to watch. One thing that I like a lot about Periscope is there so much, is that its so easy to find new broadcasters super easily, Oh and the simple design of the app too!

Download Periscope now (Download Link)

     Here is some screen shot of what Periscope looks like in app. Enjoy!

IMG_4792 IMG_4793 IMG_4794 IMG_4795