How To Enable Netflix God Mode


Netflix god mode…….. Well its super easy to get like super easy just follow this few steps and POW!  YOu then have god mode for Netflix. So here are the steps.

1. Make sure your bookmarks or Favorites toolbar is visible in your browser. (If using Safari and need help how to add favorite bar to your browser, Click Here)

2. Click here to go to the bookmarklet.

3. You’ll see a green button that says: Netflix | God Mode.

4. Drag the button that says Netflix | God Mode to your bookmarks or favorites bar.

5.  Now click that button that you have dragged to your bookmarks or favorites bar.

6. It will bring up a pop-up saying “Please open Netflix and try again. Would you like me to redirect you to”

7. Click Yes or Okay.

8. It should bring you to Netflix.

9. Login to your Netflix account once you are in and have choose the profile you are going to use, then click on that bookmark that you have saved earlier.

10. The page should have refreshed or may look different. If it looks different then when you logged in then that means you have god mode!

So that is how to enable god mode for Netflix. Enjoy God Mode!