When Should You Upgrade Your Mac ?

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There’s some people out there that buys a new Mac just because Apple release a upgrade or even a new Mac to the line they think they should buy it. Well thats not the case. Well at least I don’t think thats the case.

You should upgrade your Mac either when its getting to slow for you or when you can’t get the latest update or OS X version any more. I still have an early 2008 white MacBook and it works just fine. Well for what I want it to do for me. I use it mostly to write and check my e-mail and thats really it and it works just fine as a travel computer. But for someone that is more of a power user then that MacBook needs an upgrade! I typically base my upgrade when the computer gets too slow and it can’t do the task I want it to do for me anymore. I also base it off the hardware as well. For instants  if there is only a USB 1.0 on the computer then of course I would need to upgrade the computer/laptop of course because USB 1 is way to slow and nothing really supports USB 1 anymore.

There is some pros to having an older computer though. First if your older mac has a CD-ROM/Siperdrive then you have access to a superdrive and is able to play games and watch movies or even listen to music on the go or just at home! Another pro is that most older macs have firewire 400 so if you have any firewire 400 devices then your old Mac can use it then.

But the whole upgrade for Mac thing is only when you really need to upgrade your mac or if you trolly just want a new upgrade. So hopefully this article helps you determine wither you should upgrade your mac or if you shouldn’t.