Is Meerkat the New Vine But Live ?


I’ve been using Meerkat for about a day now since the release of meerkat and I have to sway theres not a ton of users streaming. Not yet at least. Mashable has stream a few times and during there streams you can actually see what Meerkat is all about.

I would say Meerkat is like vine in a way but were people can chat live with the user that is streaming at the time. The user can also schedule when you will be streaming. One way it is similar to Vine is that you can connect via Twitter.  But see thats a problem. Sure I like to use twitter and thats fine, but anytime you stream it posts on your Twitter that you’re streaming. What if you don’t want to posts it on twitter ? Another big thing is not everyone has Twitter, but for the user that do have Twitter thats no problem, but users that don’t have Twitter that may be a bigger problem. Meerkat does not allow you to create your own account throughout their app. But most users do have Twitter so thats not a huge problem but it would be nice to make your own account.

So is it anyway like Vine ? Yes! well sort of it is and its not. You will just have to try it out for yourself. It’s just what I think, so its up to you to decide what is really like.