The Future Of iOS Gaming

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The future for iOS gaming is very bright! Why I say that ? Well, just recently Nintendo announced that they are working on getting Nintendo games to iOS. But not even that Nintendo is making games for iOS but, many great games in the last year have been announced to the App Store like, Limbo,  Monument Valley, Thomas Was Alone, and much more that have been released in the last year and even in the last month! So the future of iOS gaming is looking very bright.

With Apple releasing “Metal”  which let’s developers create games that takes a great advantage of Apple’s new A8 chip and iOS 8 to deliver detailed graphics, to make the game feel more realistic. With having Metal in developer hands one day some companies like ActivisionBungie, and other companies can make great games with great graphics that can play on your device with any lag at all. So with having Metal in developers hands that can make great games.

That’s one reason why the future of iOS gaming is very bright, because developers have great tools to make great games at there finger tips.

Another reason why the future of iOS gaming is bright is because Apple announced during WWDC 2014 “Swift.” Swift allows developers to make applications or even games with very little code. Yes, even you reading this article can make a game with very small knowledge of how to use codes and develop games. That’s just one more reason why gaming on iOS is going to be very bright in the future because anyone can make a game or application with out much knowledge of how to make a game, and maybe make a few bucks too!