iOS 8.3 Public Beta Information


Their is not a whole bunch of information about iOS 8.3, But there is some good news for iOS 8.3. Apple releases the public beta for Yosemite OS X beta testers. But not every tester though o at least thats what we know. From all the rumors and information from Apple, that invites are being sent. They’re not getting sent to everyone, or at least at the moment not to everyone. From what we know that if you have enrolled for 10.10.3 Yosemite then you should get an email sometime soon. But then again we don’t know if the public beta for 8.3 well be available to everyone.

If you have not yet enrolled for 10.10.3 you can do it just bye going to Apple’s developer website (Click for developer website) then go their and sign in with your Apple iD and then your ready to go!

That’s all we now ready now about Apple’s public beta for iOS 8.3