Some Of The Apps For The Apple Watch

The Apple watch prices and details was released at Apple’s special event “Spring Forward” and Apple showed some apps for the watch so here are some of the apps that were shown during Apple’s special event.


     First app is Instagram. Yep it’s for the Apple Watch and does it not look pretty cool! You can view your feed of Instagram photos right from you Apple Watch.


The next app is my favorite and that is Twitter. Yes, you can now check your twitter feed right from your watch. So now you can check your feed right from your watch.


           The next app is kinda cool, and the next app is Uber. When you order your Uber Cab, you can look on your Apple Watch and see how long until your uber cab get there.

There are still tons of app to come out on the Apple Watch, For an example one of the apps is a fart app. So yeah, there is still tons of apps to come out for the Apple Watch. So whose ready?