Apple Tv Wish List

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The Apple Tv 3rd generation has been out for a little over 3 years now. We have not seen any updates for any new Apple Tv yet, only rumors that Apple some day will release a new Apple Tv. So since apple has not said any thing about a new Apple Tv well I decided to make a list and hope to see some of these thing come true.

To start this list off, let’s start with more apps. I know Apple has added more apps to the Apple Tv but theres not enough. Maybe they could make a App Store and call it “Tv App Store” Something like that so we could download get the apps we won’t instead of having these apps on the home screen and spend a minute trying to find the app we want to use instead of having to look through the apps we don’t want to find the app we want to use.

Also Apple should add some games to play. They could make so much more money by providing games to play on the Apple Tv. Apple could also make it where the controller is your iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch. It would be great to do that instead of having to air play your games from your device and having to do it that way instead of just simply launching the game on your Apple Tv and play it that way.

One thing they could also add is make it when you air play your device to your Apple Tav it’s full-resolution instead of having black bars on the sides or on top. That would not be super hard to do.

So tha twas kinda a short list of things but, to be honest I could have gone on for a little while longer, because theres so much that Apple could improve. but hey the AppleTv is a great little device. I love my Apple Tv, and I would recommend the Apple Tv to anyone looking for something like the Apple Tv.