Top 5 Applications On The Mac App Store


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There are tons of applications on the Mac App Store to buy or get for free. So I have made a list of the top 5 applications on the store that I thought would make it on the list. It was very hard to make this list because there is tons of apps on the Mac App Store so I just chose the apps that I thought were the best out of them all.

To start this list off, is Evernote the reason why I chose this one is because this is a note taking software where it syncs to all your devices very easily. Not even that you can record, video, or even voice and add it to your notes and play it on all of your other devices. You can even chat with other people and etc. It’s so wonderful, and it’s free!

Second on this list is a paid app, 1Password. This app is so great because it stores all your passwords. You might say well there is some free password keeping apps or I could just write them in my notes or for free write them on paper. Duh. Well yeah you could do that but, this app syncs with all your devices connected to iCloud. But not even that, it uses one “Master Password” which is one password that stores all your passwords all using one password. see what I did there?

Third on the list is a paid game and that is Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This game overall is a great game. It works wonderfully on the mac and it even plays on intel GMA x3100 graphics cards! But besides that the multiplayer is great too! It plays like a charm on any Mac. I highly recommend getting this if you like 1st person shooters.

The Fourth application on this list Memory Clean. This cleaning application for memory is the best memory cleaner on the mac. Now you may ask why would I say that?  Well, Because it truly is it does make your mac a little faster ever time when you click the “Clean Memory” button. When your Mac gets low on Memory it will clean it for you with out even you having to press the “Clean memory”.

The fifth and last application on the list is another game and it’s another paid one but trust me its worth the money. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Now the reason why I chose another 1st person shooter is because this is the best Mac 1st person shooter EVER ( not including Halo: combat evolved)! It has tons on in-app content to buy, tons of mission hundreds of hours to play! Lots of weapons, tons of characters. Can you get any better then that? I don’t think so!

So, that is my “Top 5 Applications On The Mac App Store”