How Apple Spreading Their “Shot On iPhone 6” Campaign




So you might have seen recently that Apple  has started to spread their new campaign “Shot On iPhone 6” But they are advertising their campaign in a new way. most of the time you see a few ads on tv from Apple or in magazine once in a while, Well they are advertising them on billboards, building, newspapers, magazines, newspapers, and more. So far we have only seen their new campaign ads in these countries the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia, Tokyo and United Arab Emirates.


We have started to see people post tons of these photos all over via twitter. There has also been some photos of people posting photos via twitter of magazines and newspapers having the advertisements in them.To be honest these advertisements look amazing! If you want to find some on twitter your self just search Apple Ad/s and and you should get some results on some photos or some websites like this one of photos. If you find some new ones not on this page just leave a comment of the link to the photo, I would love to see more of these photos!

building ad



1st Magazine Ad Photo:

2nd Billboard Ad Photo:

3rd Building Ad Photo: